Why us?

SOLARIT® is a leading Solar Software Technology provider to the solar industry and uses its technology to install a superior solar panel system for residential and commercial clients.
We offer scientific calculation and power production by solar panels we install for 25 years. All our installations include Production warranty in addition to workmanship and material warranties.
SOLARIT™ only offers the tier-1 premium solar panels that offer 25 years material warranty in addition to linear production warranty.
Our scientific energy calculation, engineering, and expert installation are tailored to your property. We do not offer a one size fits all model. Our advanced software technology SolarPro™ is licensed to other solar panel installers and dealers.
SOLARIT® sales team could offer you a precise proposal online using SolarPro™ in a matter of minutes and provide you with a scientifically calculated proposal that includes
Total Solar Energy Power Production projected over 25 years, Financial Gains Projections from 1 to 25 years, On-Line Financing Options, Solar Panel Selections with clear statistics for each, Battery Back-Up System and options, Inverters options.
SOLARIT® expert Solar Installers offer installation on almost all Roof Types, Ground Mounts, Solar Carports, and Custom Solar Trellis.
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Roof & Solar Quotes

We are here to match your needs as closely as possible, while saving you money –  even if you’re interested in solar energy but not sure which option is the best for you. If you’d like an idea of your solar energy costs and savings, click here to get an estimate for your home’s Solar Energy System. 

Why us?

  • After the proposal stage, you will be assigned a highly qualified project manager who will orchestrate and coordinate a smooth installation process. All aspects of your installations are taken care of including design, engineering, plan approval, building permit, inspection and finally connection to the utility grid.
  • We guarantee to respond to all your inquiries and questions during and after installation within 24 hours.
  • We guarantee a superior engineering and installation. To back that up, your solar energy system comes with a power production warranty. Meaning it will produce the amount of energy we project, otherwise you will be paid for the difference.
  • SOLARIT® offers the lowest price of ownership for a solar system, our systems are scientifically calculated to produce 100% of your energy needs based on the information you provide to us coupled with your property’s weather pattern.
  • SOLARIT® offers a 25 years power generation projection for every solar panel system installed. Every solar energy system installed also comes with a power production warranty.
  • SOLARI® only offers teir-1 premium panels with minimum 25 years material and linear power production warranty.
  • SOLARI® offers scientific solar energy system calculation coupled with superior engineering, installation, warranties and customer service.

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