What is a solar quote?

The SOLARIT® Solar Estimator calculates the average daily hours of sunlight that will shine on your property, which is then used to calculate your solar system’s size. However, this solar system size will be affected by your roof’s shade factor. If your roof is shaded over 60 %, then you may not be a perfect candidate for solar panels on your roof – so SOLARIT offers ground mount installation. SOLARIT expert consultants can determine the feasibility of your property remotely online. After the cost has been determined, your local team member will conduct a site inspection to start the installation process.

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We are here to help you and best match your needs! Whether you’re interested in solar energy not sure which option if the best for you. After reading through the benefits as to why solar is better for our future, you can click here and get an estimate on your home. 

What is a solar quote?

  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill, therefore reducing your operating cost. On an average, and according to the national statistics, a minimum appreciation of 97% of the solar system cost is gained by the property value, which is higher than a 55% gain in importance in remodeling a kitchen.
  • The solar system monthly payment is usually about the same or lower than one’s current electric bill. Taking rate hikes and inflationary factors into consideration, electric rates and tariffs in the US range from -2% (state here) to over 13% increase in Hawaii according to the department of energy. CA PG&E has had an average of 8.5% annual increase in the past 17 years, and with their new rate plans, the residential consumers may face higher electric bills depending on their time of usage.
  • Therefore a $100 bill at a rate of 7% increase annually will be doubled in 10 Years. To see your actual savings based on your utility usage and local provider rate, SOLARIT® Solar Estimator is a great tool to crystalize potential return on investments.
  • If you noticed, we did not list the local utility rate or local solar installation cost/watt. We believe that utility rates will increase every year, and regardless of how the numbers may look the first 1 to 3 years, the property owner will benefit by using solar in the long run.
  • The followings are a key consideration in Solar Energy assessment for a property: sunshine hours per year and shade factor
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