Solar Return On Investment

Return On Investment and economic benefits of a Solar Energy System

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 SOLARIT® offers superior Solar Energy System calculation and engineering We can provide you with an online or in-home proposal within minutes.
SOLARIT® offers Roof replacement and installation in conjunction with solar panel installation. We can measure your roof remotely and provide you precise measurement and proposal.

Return of Investment

Increased Property Value

According to National Remodeling Cost vs. Value, Solar System Installation returns the Value of any remodeling at 97% of its original cost. It does not include the rebates and incentives that a property owner may receive.


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Hedge Against Inflation

Whether you live in Hawaii where average annual utility increase is over 12% or reside in a state which has the lowest current electrical tariff, the inflation and devaluation of currency are not at your side. You will pay more for using the same amount of electricity 3, 5 10 and 20 years from now. In fact, in most places count on paying twice as much in 7 years.

Guaranteed Returns On Solar

Well if the sun comes up the next day, your solar system will produce energy. You either use the power or send it to the Grid for payment. In states such as CA where some of the utility companies have Time Of Use Billing methods, your produced energy, yields you higher prices since its production is at high rate times where actual usage may occur at lower rate times such as evenings and nights.  The best descriptive method is, selling a commodity (stock) at a high price and repurchasing it at a lower cost.

Improved Cash Fellow

Your utility bill will be higher 3, 5 or 10 years from now, whereas your solar system payment (if you had financed it) will remain the same until it is paid off.
To illustrate this let’s assume your current bill is $100 per month and let also understand that if you install a solar system, it’s the monthly payment will be $100 per month for a 100% power production.
. Your bill seven years from now will not be $100. It could easily be $150- $200 per month while your Solar System payment will remain at $100. That could translate to $600-$1200 a year savings. But that’s not all. Read the next benefit.

Tax-Free Gains on Solar Savings

Your savings are not Taxed. If you by stock at $100 and sell it at $200, you had made a capital gain of $100, which is subject to taxation. Therefore, you might have only made $65.
Your savings, however, are tax-free. if you save $100  each month on your utility bill, it means you made about $150 before taxes.
Investing in a  Solar System is the only investment opportunity that is
Risk-Free and

Environmental Impacts

No harmful emissions are released into the air when solar panels produce electricity.
A typical Solar Energy for an average home saves over 1800 trees. CO2 Free

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