Solar Energy System Ordering Process

We have the technology and the ability to provide the best solar panel installation and service at the lowest ownership cost to you. SOLARIT® has developed a software technology SolarPro™ which scientifically calculates the optimum solar energy system for aproperty based on its location, weather patterns, and previous electric usage. The technology is so accurate and advances that its calculation for each latitude and longitude of the sun’s energy matches the government’s renewable energy laboratory’s calculation. SOLARIT® licenses its technology to other solar companies to use.
Therefore, you can rest assure that SOLARIT® power generation calculation based on your area and the type of solar panels that you install are accurate. Our confidence in our scientific calculation and engineering are so high that all solar systems installed come with power production warranty in addition to workmanship and equipment warranties.
Utilizing SolarPro™ software, SOLARIT® professional licensed sales consultant can produce accurate and scientific analytics including financing online in a matter of minutes sharing their screen with you thought out the process or visit you at your home/business location.
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Instant Solar and Roof Quote

·        SOLARIT® offers superior Solar Energy System calculation and engineering We can provide you with an online or in-home proposal within minutes.
·        SOLARIT® offers Roof replacement and installation in conjunction with solar panel installation. We can measure your roof remotely and provide you precise measurement and proposal

Ordering Process

SOLARIT® only offers teir-1 solar panels and inverters with a minimum of 25 years material plus linear power generation warranties.
SOLARIT® solar energy system installations are scientifically calculated for optimum energy size and their superior engineering enables the best energy output.
SOLARIT® installers are insured, highly trained and vetted. We only perform excellent installation to match our engineering and technology coupled with best premium products.
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To Go Solar

Step 1- Get a proposal on from SOLARIT®, while the website offers preliminary information, a SOLARIT® licensed sales professional will be assigned to provide either an in-home or online detailed analytics and proposal customized for you and your property.
Step 2- Review and Accept the Proposal
Step 3- Select your financing method, SolarPro™, SSOLARIT® software technology, offers an array of online financing options with payments calculations with and without incentives from current 1.99% interest rates with terms starting from 5 to 30 years. Some programs require no credit check. Almost all financing options are offered with No Down Payment.
Step 4- Receiving a HIC (Home Improvement Contract)you will be receiving a HIC Contract which outlines all equipment details, installation timing, warranties, and payment requirements.
Step 5- Site inspection & Survey, after ratifying the HIC contract, you will be contacted within three days to schedule a site inspection of your property.
Step 5- Plans and Permits, architectural and engineering plans will be completed after the survey and inspection of your property and will be submitted for your approval, then submitted to your municipality for a building permit issuance.
Step 6- Installation, upon receiving the building permit, the installation will be scheduled. Most installations take one or two days.
Step 7- City Inspection and Grid Connection, final inspection by the city’s building department is required after installation is completed. After the final inspection, an application will be made to your utility provider to connect your solar energy system to the power grid. Once the utility company confirms your meter (Grid) connection, your solar energy system is turned on, and you are on your way to generate your electricity at a fraction of the cost you were previously paying your electric provider.
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