Installation Process

California is one of the best places in the nation to install solar panels. A combination of good average sun exposure, expensive utility electricity rates, the solar tax credit, and the strong net metering law means that home and business owners can get an excellent return by installing solar panels in their homes and businesses.

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Instant Proposal Solar and Roof 

·        SOLARIT® offers superior Solar Energy System calculation and engineering We can provide you with an online or in-home proposal within minutes.
·        SOLARIT® offers Roof replacement and installation in conjunction with solar panel installation. We can measure your roof remotely and provide you precise measurement and proposal.

 Site inspection

  1. Our local expert solar inspector will visit your property and assess the feasibility of your roof, electrical, sunlight, central and electrical subpanels along with all other variables that could impact your installation and the calculation of your solar system
  2. You will be notified of any required changes and any needed change orders shortly after the inspection.
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Design Phase

Upon completion of inspection report, our engineers will design the locations of panels more upmost performance according to angel of sunlight and your rooftop

1.      The architectural and engineering designs will be submitted for your approval via DocuSign
2.      The approved plans are submitted to your local building authority for obtaining a building permit
3.      upon issuance of building permit, we will coordinate your installation with you
4.      upon completion of your installation, we request a final inspection from your building authority
5.      Upon approval of the local building authority of your solar inspection, we will make an application to your local electric company to connect your system to the energy grid.
6.      your local energy providers usually take between three to 6 weeks to connect your system to the power grid.
7.      You will then be using your solar energy, and your access energy will be supplied to the grid where your energy company will pay you for your power generation.
8.      You can also monitor your power generation.
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