Increased Property Value

Solar Panels Increase Property Value

Your property could be a Zero Net Energy home or business, meaning it could generate all its needed energy using solar energy methods. The least expensive and most practical way for homes and business properties to generate their energy is by utilizing a Solar panel  System.
The installation of a solar panel system could be considered an energy remolding of your property. In a home, it is easy to vitalize a kitchen or a bathroom remodeling project or for a business property you may decide to improve the landscaping, however, the most economical and highest return remolding project for a property based on value vs cost is an energy remodeling according to Cost vs Value national statistic.

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Solar Incentives


Government tax incentives are free money. The federal government and perhaps your local municipality is paying part of your ongoing utility bill. A more natural way to understand this is, they are paying a portion of your remodeling cost. Think of it as if the Federal government had a kitchen remolding credit, because it is more visible to see the new countertop, perhaps it could be better received than “energy remodeling,” but the energy remodeling will yield you the highest returns.
Steps to Install Solar on your property:
The followings are a vital consideration in Solar Energy assessment for a property
  • sunshine hours per year
  • shade factor
If you noticed, we did not list the local utility rate or local solar installation cost/watt. We believe that utility rates will increase every year, and regardless of how the numbers may look the first 1 to 3 years, the property owner will benefit by using solar in the long run.
SOLARIT® Solar Estimator scientifically calculates the average daily hours of sunlight for your property, used in a scientific calculation of your solar system size. However, this solar system size will be affected by your roof’s shade factor. If your roof shad is over 60 %, then you may not be a perfect candidate for Solar Panels on the roof, Perhaps ground mount will be a better alternative. SOLARIT expert consultants could determine the feasibility of your property remotely via internet tools. Also, our local team member will conduct a site inspection as the first step of going solar.

Eliminate or Lower your inflationary Electric Bill

  • Solar payment (if financed) is a fixed operating cost, unlike your current utility bill, which is inflationary over time.  Your solar monthly payment will replace your electric bill. Depending on your solar system size and calculation it will either offset or eliminate (except connection charges) your electric bill.
  • Solar Energy System is not an additional purchase or expense. It shall be viewed as a replacement for your current electric bill with a lower payment.
Every time you turn the lights on or turn your TV on, you are BUYING ELECTRICITY AT RETAIL COST. When you install solar panels, you produce your electric power at manufacturing cost, so which cost would you rather pay? Retail Price, or Manufacturing Cost for something you will use every day? To give you a better understanding of this cost, in Northern California some consumers pay about $.36/KWh to their electric provider. The same electricity with their solar panels costs on an average of $.09/KWh.
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