Solar Energy Systems for Homes and Businesses

Planning a Solar Energy system for your home or business is a process.
SOLARIT® has made this process very easy for you. Utilizing SolarPro™, SOLARIT® proprietary technology, we can scientifically calculate your solar energy requirement, offer the best solar panels and inverters that will produce the highest level of electricity based on your property’s location and local weather pattern.
SOLARIT® only provides Tier-1 premium equipment that has 25 years warranty on both material and power generation. Your solar system installation will be provided a 25 years power generation projection that is guaranteed along with a comprehensive financial gains models from the first year extending 25 years. With SOLARIT® solar system, your savings will start from the first month!

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SOLARIT® by using SolarPro™, its proprietary software technology, we scientifically calculate a solar energy system size that will offset 100%  of your energy usage for over two decades. SOLARIT® will provide a detailed annual power generation projection for 25 years.

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SOLARIT® offers tier-1 premium equipment, a leading industry warranty including power production warranty of Solar Energy Systems installed plus a comprehensive array of low-interest financing ranging from 1.99% rate with 5 to 30 years term. Some financing programs require no credit qualifications.

Green Power for Homes and Businesses

1. Analyzing Your Electricity Loads

Calculating your electricity needs is the first step in the process of calculating your solar energy system for your home or small business. A thorough examination of your electricity needs helps us determine the following:
·        The size (and therefore, cost) of the system you will need.
·        Your energy needs fluctuate throughout the day and over the year.
·        Measures to take that reduce your electricity use.
Conducting a load analysis involves recording the wattage in regular daily use of all the electrical devices that are connected to your central power sources such as refrigerators, lights, televisions, and power tools. Some loads, like your refrigerator, use electricity all the time, while others, like power tools, use electricity intermittently. Loads that use electricity intermittently often referred to as selectable loads. If you are willing to use your selectable loads only when you have extra power available, you might be able to install a smaller solar energy system.

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2. Local Codes and Requirements for Small Solar Energy System

Each state and community has its own set of codes and regulations that you will need to follow to add a small solar energy system to your home or small business. These regulations can affect the type of solar energy system you can install and who installs it. SOLARIT® network of highly qualified installers are all fully licensed, insured, and usually among the largest solar installer firms in their state.
Our installers navigate your power provider’s grid-connection requirements in addition to compliance with all local building and permit codes. Here are some of the state and community requirements that our network installers comply with:
·        Building codes
·        Easements
·        Local covenants and ordinances
·        Technology-specific requirements
Electrical and building inspectors ensure that your system complies with standards. Building inspectors are interested in making sure the structure you are adding is safe. Your order may be required to pass electrical and plumbing inspections to comply with local building codes.
Many building code offices also require their zoning board to grant you a conditional-use permit or a variance from the existing code before they will issue you a building permit.
SOLAORIT® professional installers handle all such requirements. Your SOLARIT® energy consultant assigned to you will orchestrate a seamless installation and inspection process and will be available throughout the process to answer any questions you may have.

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California Energy Mandate 2020

All New Homes must be Solar Powered in CA starting 1/1/2020


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