EV Saving Calculator

Electrical Vehical Saving Calculator

Electric Vehicle or EV for short are no longer a futuristic concept. They are here to stay and will becoming the norm quicker than the public forecast. EV offer a tremendous saving opportunity specially when combined with a Solar Energy Installation.

Consider your Gas using vehicle consumes a gallon of gas every 15 miles, and Gas in your local area is $3/Gallon.

That means every mile you drive, costs you about $.20

EV in general use 1 KWH of electric energy for every 3 miles. And using Solar System, a typical KWH of electricity production will be less than $.07. In translations every driven mile could cost you about $.02 instead of $.20. 12000 driving miles per year could easily translate to over $2,100 of savings. Keep in mind there is no tax on savings. To improve your cash fellow by $2,100 per year, you will need to make about $3,000 before taxes.

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