Lower or Eliminate Monthly Electric Bills

·        Solar payment (if financed) is a fixed operating cost, unlike your current utility bill, which is inflationary over time.  Your solar monthly payment will replace your electric bill. Depending on your solar system size and calculation it will either offset or eliminate (except connection charges) your electric bill.
·        Solar Energy System is not an additional purchase or expense. It shall be viewed as a replacement for your current electric bill with a lower payment.
·        Every time you turn the lights on or turn your TV on, you are BUYING ELECTRICITY AT RETAIL COST. When you install solar panels, you produce your electric power at manufacturing cost, so which cost would you rather pay? Retail Price, or Manufacturing Cost for something you will use every day? To give you a better understanding of this cost, in Northern California some consumers pay about $.36/KWh to their electric provider. The same electricity with their solar panels costs on an average of $.09/KWh.
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Instant Solar and Roof Quote 

·        SOLARIT® offers superior Solar Energy System calculation and engineering We can provide you with an online or in-home proposal within minutes.
·        SOLARIT® offers Roof replacement and installation in conjunction with solar panel installation. We can measure your roof remotely and provide you precise measurements and proposals.

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