SOLARIT® provides Smart Solar Energy Systems to Residential and Commercial Consumers nationwide.
SOLARIT® is also a SaaS company providing Software Technology As Service to the Solar Energy Industry.
SOLARIT® proprietary software technologies are:
SolarPro™, a Software application to scientifically calculate residential and commercial solar energy system size, 25 years energy calculations, 25 years financial model, and instant proposal system.
CanvassPro™, a Software application for lead, canvassing teams, and scheduling management and CRM.

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At SOLARIT® by using SolarPro™, our proprietary software technology, we scientifically calculate a solar energy system size that will offset 100% of your energy usage for over two decades. SOLARIT® will provide a detailed annual power generation projection for 25 years.

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SOLARIT® offers tier-1 premium equipment, a leading industry warranty including power production warranty of Solar Energy Systems installed plus a comprehensive array of low-interest financing ranging from 1.99% rate with 5 to 30 years term. Some financing programs require no credit qualifications.


SOLARIT® offers solar energy system installation to residential and small commercial clients nationwide.
 SOLARIT® as the SAS division offers its proprietary software technology to other solar installers worldwide.
·        SOLARIT® offers a scientific calculation of solar energy system size and power generation calculation. SOLARIT® platform offers consumers a comprehensive projection of their solar systems’ power generation and financial gains for 25 years.
·        SOLARIT® software technology, SolarPro™ enables other solar installers to offer the same benefits to their clients and produce instant detail proposals with scientific calculations. SOLARIT® CanvassPro™ software enables sales and marketing companies who use face to a face marketing campaign to manage their canvassing team while having total control over their lead generation that comply with consumer privacy policies.
·        SOLARIT® offers the only tier 1 solar panel with a minimum of 25 years linear in addition to material warranties.
·        SOLARIT® customers also receive a power production warranty on the installed solar energy equipment based on their property’s geo data and SOLARIT® scientific energy calculation.
·        SOLARIT® offers the most precise measurements for your energy needs, considering the amount of sunlight and weather patterns of your property coupled with your energy production needs. We know that your property is unique, and using our technological advances, we engineer a custom energy system for you. It is not one size fits all.
·        SOLARIT® offers superior Solar Energy System calculation and engineering
·        SOLARIT® offers superior installation by expert installation teams who have installed tens of thousands of solar panels on roofs
·        SOLARIT® offers installations of different roof types ranging from shingles, metals or flat roofs.
·        SOLARIT® also offers solar panel installation on a trellis and carport, which it can construct.
·        SOLARIT® offers one of the leading industry warranties on all aspects of your solar energy system, installation and workmanship, equipment and material and power generation.
·        SOLARIT® offers a multitude of financing programs transparently so that its client could choose the best alternative that suits them the best
·        SOLARIT® offers New Roof quotes online or in-home. New Roof  installations are offered with 25 years to a lifetime warranty
·        Benefit from our technology, experience, quality of the products and the warranties that we offer.
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