Solar energy by Artificial Intelligence

No sales person needed. Our software technology will assess an accurate energy needs by asking you a few basic questions, and provide you with a scientifically calculated solar energy system. Then our energy experts will help finalize it. Using our technology will save you time and money.

Do you know how much commission you could be paying on your new solar energy system?

Commission on a typical solar energy system could range from under $1/Watt to over $3/Watt. Therefore, on a 6 KW (6,000 Watt) solar system, commission could range anywhere from $2,400 to over $18,000.

Imagine, paying about $20,000 more for your system, just because you liked the salesperson!

SOLARIT® has invested a great deal in a technology to offer the best value to its customers. By using our Artificial Intelligence Technology, we can accurately measure and calculate your energy needs and offer you a substantial savings by cutting the middleman.

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It will provide you with an instant and scientific solar quote for your home and electric vehicle. 
  • No Salesperson
  • No Sales Commission
  • No phone Calls
  • No home visits

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Offering smart solar systems in 24 states across the US

  • Warranties: 25-30 years warranty
  • Superior Engineering: Better design and scientific calculations
  • Better Value: Systems are sold by our AI with no commissions.
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Learn about your savings by using solar energy
solarit® review by steven
These guys are phenomenal, the information allowed us to make an educated decision based on data


solarit® review by nadine
My husband has an engineering background and was very happy with all the information SOLARIT was able to provide. We highly recommend SOLARIT.


solarit® review by ana
From the beginning, they have great communication with their customers. Thank you, this wasgreat experience.


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