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SOLARIT® is a leading solar technology firm established 2012 in San Francisco. We use intelligent technology to accurately assess your energy needs in seconds thus eliminating the need for a middleman, human greed and errors in calculations. We offer solar installations in 24 states.

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Do you know how much commission you could be paying on your new solar energy system?

Commission on a typical solar energy system could range from under $1/Watt to over $3/Watt. Therefore, on a 6 KW (6,000 Watt) solar system, commission could range anywhere from $2,400 to over $18,000.
Imagine, paying about $20,000 more for your system, just because you liked the salesperson!
SOLARIT® has invested a great deal in a technology to offer the best value to its customers. By using our Artificial Intelligence Technology, we can accurately measure and calculate your energy needs and offer you a substantial savings by cutting the middleman.

Flat rate electricity @ 5.5 cents

For a set cost, you will have the ability to produce electricity for as long as you live in your property, and if you sell or move, you can sell the electricity producing equipment or take it with you to your new home. The price of this electricity producing equipment is calculated based on your electricity needs. Its rate is under 6 Cents per KWh. If you live in Northern California, you most likely are paying between 28 to 42 Cents to buy the same electricity, This electricity producing equipment is called Solar Panels. We can calculate how many of these panels you will need to satisfy your energy needs. We will Install them on your property without any money out of your pocket. And instead of paying your electric company a much higher rate, which also increases year after year, you will pay a much lower flat cost for a set number of months. Then your electricity will be free.

Your current electricity rate will go up every year

Buying electricity at inflationary retail rates will cost you much more in the future as the energy consumption and production costs increase. The US electricity rates have consistently increased year over year in the past two decades. The future increase will be even at a higher rate as consumption increases. Blow is the figure showing the cost increase since 2020 with a forecast until 2022. Producing your own energy using solar panels limits your cost of electricity over the next three to four decades to the cost of your solar energy system today. SOLARIT® uses, science and real data to calculate an accurate solar energy system size that is tailored to your location, weather patterns, and usage. We do not use commission-based salespeople, and our artificial intelligence software is not motivated by commission. You can rest assured that our proposed system is best suitable to your needs. We also pass the middleman’s cost savings to you.

Average residential retail electricity price increase 1990 - 2020

The retail price for electricity in the United States stood at an average of 10.66 Cents per kilowatt hour in 2020. This was an increase compared to the previous year and the highest price in the period of consideration. The U.S. has one of the lowest electricity prices worldwide when compared to other developed countries. SOLARIT® average solar electricity production in the United States is 5.5 Cents per kilowatt hour. In comparison, SOLARIT® solar electricity cost is over 49% less than the average current electricity cost nationwide. Considering the electricity cost will continue to rise, your solar generated electric cost savings will increase year over year.

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These guys are phenomenal, the information allowed us to make an educated decision based on data


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My husband has an engineering background and was very happy with all the information SOLARIT was able to provide. We highly recommend SOLARIT.


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From the beginning, they have great communication with their customers. Thank you, this wasgreat experience.