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Superior Technology

SOLARIT® is a Nationwide Solar Energy System provider to Residential and Small Commercial clients in addition to being a Technology Provider to the Solar Energy Industry.

SOLARIT® provides other solar installers with its SolarPro™ and CanvassPro™ software technology.

SolarPro™ scientifically calculates solar energy system size based on property’s geo data coupled with prior usage and generates comprehensive power generation and financial gains analytics.

Twenty Five Years Warranty

SOLARIT® offers tier-1 premium solar panels with a minimum of 25 years of production and material warranties.

SOLARIT® Solar Energy Installations come with the following warranties:

Power Production, Installation, Workmanship, Equipment, and Material

SOLARIT® New Roof and Solar Roof installations come with a minimum of 25 years to a lifetime warranty.

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Drive & Save with Solar Gallon® 

SOLARIT® is an industry leader in solar energy software and solar energy system installation for Residential and Commercial consumers. SolarPro™, SOLARIT® proprietary software offers precise calculation for solar panels required to power an Electric Vehicle for number diving miles annually and provides a comprehensive power generation and financial gain projection to power your Electric Vehicle using your home’s Solar Panels.

Discover your savings with Solar Gallon®

Affordable & Easy Financing

SOLARIT® offers an array of financing options for home solar panel installations as well as commercial solar energy systems. SolarPro™, our software enables the clients to review and compare all financing options at once and be approved in a matter of minutes for the program that suits them the best. Low rates of special Green Energy Financing, state, and government-sponsored options are available, which range from 5 to 30 years. Rates vary from 1.99% and most programs offer $0 down payment. Some programs require no credit check or credit requirements. It is easy to get financing for your Green Energy home and business projects.

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